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On you get all the information about the charity Mary’s Meals that you need. We provide information and assistance for all projects that aid Mary’s Meals.

What are the benefits of a membership?

As a school, university or group you can actively help design By registrating for free, you gain the ability to post your own reports about what you did for Mary’s Meals to give other visitors tips. In addition, you can also enter dates into our calendar.


About us

Über uns

In this category, you find information about this website and Mary’s Meals.



In the 'news' category, you can find news and dates concerning Mary’s Meals. The entries are both from the charity itself and from registrated schools and groups.

Project ideas


As the name implies, this category is about project ideas that are easy to implement at schools and universities. If you have any additional ideas, please contact us.



In our online library you will find videos, images and documents about Mary’s Meals. You can show this material at your school and make Mary’s Meals known at your school/university.

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If your school has a Students4MM-Account, your group representative can log in here and create news and calendar posts. After we checked them, they will be publicly visible. Further, you can give feedback to us and request help here.



When you click on this button, you will be redirected to the donation form of the official Mary’s Meals website. There you can donate money easily.