Fill Mugs to Fight Hunger

Fill Mugs to Fight Hunger

Fill Mugs Campaign

We are planning something big for 2018 - we want to collect money in mugs all over the world!

We are asking you to join our worldwide fundraising campaign from 14th February to 31st March 2018! In this campaign with the tagline Fill Mugs to Fight Hunger, we want to collect as much money as possible for Mary’s Meals in the Lent period.

What you do is really simple: Using stickers you can order for free online or with the attached form, you may turn ordinary coffee mugs into collection boxes. But how will you manage to fill your mugs? The answer is easy: simply collect spare change, do small jobs for small donations (walk somebody’s dog or help grandma with the shopping), sell cakes or waffles. A school meal only costs 7 cents on average. Each mug you have managed to fill will fill very many children’s mugs with a hot meal in Malawi and other poor countries in the world. It will enable children to go to school there! Share your activities, ideas and results in social media using the hashtag #fillmugs and encourage other schools to take part in the campaign! You can follow the current amount of contributions on our website.

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Check out these two videos from Germany with English subtitles!