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BPP 2017: Backpacks are on their way


The collected 3000 backpacks are now on their way to Malawi.


When a backpack goes on a trip, he could tell us something.". In the concrete case, there are even 3,000 backpacks involved, which now embark on the long journey from small Nottuln in Münsterland to the big wide world in Malawi in Africa.

The organisation Mary's Meals Germany, whose vice-president is Ingrid Schürmann from Nottuln, once again called for the fundraising campaign "A Backpack for Malawi". Shortly before the summer holidays, the Astrid Lindgren Elementary School and the Rupert Neudeck Gymnasium also took part in the project.

We were looking for used school backpacks, which were also filled with basic equipment in order to provide the school kids in Malawi with a minimum of equipment. This includes not only pencils or notebooks, but also hygiene articles such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap or towel, and even a spoon. Ingrid Schürmann explains:"So that the children don't have to eat lunch with their fingers.

About 3000 filled school backpacks were collected in the whole region. They were temporarily stored in a warehouse owned by the freight forwarding company Giesker + Laakmann had provided. We owe this to our employee Hugo Schulte Wien,"Schürmann reports. The teacher at the Clemens-Brentano-Gymnasium in Dülmen brought her pupils with her to load them. The container was full in no time at all and could set off on its journey.

(Photo and text: Iris Bergmann)