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Last year university groups have already been founded – we are all happy about motivated students who would like to support us.


Last year, two university groups have already been founded, another one is in the process of being founded. We are all happy about motivated students who would like to support us. If there is no group at your university yet and you would like to found one, please contact us at In the following the university groups introduce themselves:

We are the Mainz University Group and currently have 16 members. Our goal is to make Mary's Meals more popular. Therefore we would like to collect donations with various activities and events and inform about Mary's Meals.

As a prelude we sold waffles at the Asta summer festival. There are many great ideas and some projects are in the planning stage. We meet project-related in irregular intervals. We would be very happy about your support! Write to us at and we will get in touch with you!

Since its foundation by our chairman Jane Lauxen in April 2019, the university group "Mary's Meals" of the University of Bonn has been active. Our work ranges from public relations work in the context of university or leisure events to cooperation with schools for the Rucksack project. In May 2019 we contacted a school in our area and found a first cooperation partner. At the university festival of the Bonn student committee we took the opportunity to make our still young university group better known and to promote our "Colored Evening", where we would like to show films about "Mary's Meals", among other things.

So we try to support the organization with the backpack donations of the children on the one hand, and to collect money donations at our actions on the other hand. Last but not least we want to attract attention for the work of Mary's Meals.

Therefore our group of nine people meets every two to three weeks to organize upcoming projects and to collect new ideas. We always attach great importance to planning the events in such a way that the information about the project is conveyed in a nice atmosphere. We are very happy about every interest that is shown to us.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please contact us via our e-mail address:

We, as a Frankfurt university group, are currently in our founding phase. We are five motivated students - but we are still missing two members so that we can be officially founded. If you are also studying at the Goethe University and would like to help shape it, please contact us at!