Vielen Dank!

Thank you!

We thank
der Realschule in Waldkraiburg!

In the schoolyear 2016/17


7007 backpacks



28618 Euros

were collected!

Thanks to your donation, 7.007 children can now be happy about a backpack and 1.834 children can be fed for one school year.
The containers with the backpacks are on their way and are expected to arrive at Beira harbour in Mozambique on 7 November 2017. From there it goes via land to the north to Blantyre in Malawi, where they are then distributed to the individual schools. As soon as there is something new, you will find out here.

Rucksackverladung Mainz
Backpack loading in Mainz, Germany
Rucksackverladung Nottuln
Backpack loading in Nottuln, Germany